Yogesh Lakhani

Yogesh Lakhani is a name synonymous to a talent powerhouse and one who embodies profound dedication and commitment to his work. He is an epitome of rags to riches story and somebody who we can always look up to. His story is truly inspiring and has the potential to make us realize that indeed nothing is impossible if you have firm determination and conviction in your heart. He spent many sleepless nights to do the work of installing boards. Today Bright has its office at the plush commercial area of Andheri alongside offices of famous production houses like Yashraj films, T-Series, Balaji Motion Pictures, etc. Bright has also expanded its operations to other cities of India like Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc.

It was just pure conviction and commitment to his work that he kept in his mind which made him work relentlessly 14 hours a day, sacrificing his personal and family life to make his dream possible.

Today Bright is at the pinnacle of its glory mainly because of the superhuman efforts of one man Yogesh Lakhani.